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YNB mean Youths aNd Brothers.
 Established in Taipei in the beginning of the 90's, it focuses on automation packaging machines & materials. YNB went through the trans-evolve-feel-shifting stages of domestic, trans-territories, trans-nations, inter-nations stages, and became a global corporation in the 5P (Processing, Packaging, Packing, Printing, Plastics) fields. In addition to our main Asian Office, located in Taipei Far East World Trade Center, we have established several other operation consoles and strategy network-stations across of the globe. YNB strictly follows the fields for research, manufacturing, representation, system-integradation of machinery & materials, all in high performance-to-cost ratios. There are still steady growing markets domestically as well as overseas: YNB aims to perfect their leadership in these fields.
YNB harmonizes: work with relaxation, rationalized-duty to responsibility and power, achievement in knowledge and technology, and compatibility in integration. YNBˇs enthusiasm in regards to innovation encourages creation and pursues information interconnectivity, as well as scientific & philosophical management that emphasizes speed & efficiency for it to be a multiple benefiting corporate governance, in a mature, safe & compassionate atmosphere.
YNB's culture is "cherishment-foresees-excellence". Decision-making and management personnel are stable, far-sighted, understanding and comprehensive of market-progress. YNB is presently and successfully extending their fields to Marginal Science & Instrument (MSI), Oceanographic Instrument & Instrumentation (OII), Natural Power Supply (NPS), Bio-Intelligence & Potential (BIP), and Salty Water Cleaning & Purification (SCP).
YNB will be established in selected favorable locations, set upon hard-working people, expanded strategically during market peaks, extended via elected meritocracy, and fusing modern expertise with traditional diligence. YNB is centralized in honesty, continuous innovation, and excelling for perfection. Let's partake in the obligation to assist poorer economies and their potential markets. We kindly urge you to consent to the multi-beneficial aspects in your co-operation of both our corporations.

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